Looking for future-proof, safe and high yield property investment?

In the properties of Royal Homes Residential Park everything is given for a superb long term investment. We offer profit calculations for our apartments, based on up-to-date market data and backed up with leasing and property management offers.


  Future-proof and safe investment

Basic conditions of a property to be leasable in the long run are good location and first class construction and technical solutions. Royal Homes Residential Park has the best of the running in both among residential park projects around Balaton, because it is directly on the lakeside, offers undisturbed panoramic view and the buildings and apartments comply with the highest quality standards.

If you are looking for a property not only for investment purposes, Lake Balaton, the town of Keszthely and its outskirts could be a perfect location for relaxing, even all through the year. These peaceful apartments surrounded by an enclosed garden could offer a comfortable, carefree life for the years of retirement. But the proximity of the lakeside and yacht harbours could also offer holidays full of experience for your children or grandchildren.


  High profits

By leasing out Royal Homes apartments you are able to realize an outstanding profit, even compared either to other means of investment or other residential park investments. Based on current market possibilities of leasing and property management you may realize a high yearly leasing profit.



  Problem free leasing

The proximity of the Western part of the country, the interest of solvent German and Austrian guests and the quality and features of Royal Homes apartments guarantee leasing possibilities. With the assistance of our partner you can easily lease out your apartment without having to worry about all related duties.


Enjoy your profitable property investment in Royal Homes Residential Park!

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