How to make passive income with property leasing

WITHOUT the headaches related to rentals?

Property leasing is one of the most secure form of investment, especially around Lake Balaton, during season. But many people are still averse to it, because – just like most other alternatives for making money –it is a little time and energy consuming, and in some cases it might even seem to be a headache. But what if you could make money by renting your property without having to do a hand’s turn?

Let’s be honest: apartment rentals have their downsides. Even in case of the best guests you need to work with it, because you need to advertise it, need to keep free dates in mind, you have to clean it…. If the apartment is really popular and many people rent it, it is almost a full time job!

We collected the 5 biggest problems of apartment leasing – and now we also offer you a solution!
5 things why apartment leasing seems to be a headache:

  1. Tenants
    The apartment needs to be advertised. You will have inquiries for your advertisements. You need to discuss details with the inquirers. One will rent it, the other will not. The shorter periods they rent it for (1 week, 4 days or only a weekend), the more people you will have to lease it out to in order to make your investment pan out, which means the more people you need to talk to. You need to keep in mind the time of their arrival, the time of departure, their extra requirements. It is easy to get mixed up!
  2. Your presence is essential
    Tenants come and go, which means you must be on the spot at the times of arrival and departure to hand over or take over the property.
  3. Cleaning
    The property intended for leasing must be cleaned after the departure of guests, you need to change bed linens, put out fresh towels… but many guests require these services during their stay as well, because who wants to toil with housework during holidays? This also means that every few days you need to go there and tidy up everything neatly. And it is not enough to give a lick and promise!
  4. Solving arising problems
    „Exuse me, where can I find the mop? We have spilled the coke.” „The tap is broken, can you fix it?” Lots of tiny problems may arise during the season which do not cause a serious problem but it is still annoying that while you are trying to enjoy your limonade in your own garden, you get a call that they need someting. How one could relax like this?

So many guests, so many languages

Of course you can get along with English or German most of the times, but it is still possible that the guest has such a bad accent that is almost impossible to understand. You stand there face to face – or even worse, at the two end of the line – and you are trying to understand each other with an intense Activity play. It is frustrating, morever, if you misunderstand something, it might lead to serious problems!

Don’t give up, we have a solution!

In case while reading this article you were thinking you don’t need this headache in your life, we understand. But do not give up on your dream to buy an apartment for leasing purposes, which will make you money as a passive income.
Royal Homes’s Western European partner takes all burdens of property leasing off your shoulder with only one stroke of a pen at the bottom of the property contract. If you buy an apartment for investment purposes in Keszthely, don’t bother with the headaches of an apartment leasing. Welcoming tenants, cleaning, advertising, all happens through our partner. Your only job is to count your income at the end of the month and enjoy the fruits of your investment.

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